Topping A90 headphone amplifier The A90/D90 stack makes for a perfectly flush desktop stack, with their cases being exactly the same size and shape. Even with one on top of the other, it still makes for a relatively compact pair that’s considerably more svelte than the corresponding Schiit Audio Asgard 3/Bifrost 2 stack.


TOPPING A90 Kopfhörerverstärker 4,4 mm XLR Desktop HiFi Vollausgeglichener Verstärker Vorverstärker Schwarz Silber 499,99 USD 449,99 英镑 55000 日元 699,99 加 币 Voll symmetrischer + SE-Kopfhörerausgang --- Der A90 verfügt über drei Kopfhöreranschlüsse mit 4-poligem XLR , 4,4-symmetrischem Ausgang und 6.35 SE, um unterschiedliche Verwendungen zu erfüllen.

So i finally connected my Interface that is a SSL 2 +,  to like trying it on a lot of headphones amps like the Rupert Neve RNHP, the ifi Zen Can, the Topping A90 or even the Beyer A2. Sound is lacking in all of them. 18 May 2020 Product Launch: TOPPING A90 Ultra-High Performance Headphone Amp TOPPING has released the A90 Headphone Amplifier delivering ultra-  The TOPPING A90 is equipped with ultra-high performance NFCA modules. Voltage current hybrid feedback architecture with UHGF(Ultra High Gain Feedback)  Full Balanced + SE Headphone Output A90 has three Output headphone jacks of SPECIFICATIONS: Kindly refer to product photos - Buy TOPPING A90 - Ultra  Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy TOPPING A90 Headphone Amplifier 4.4mm XLR Desktop HiFi Full Balanced Amplifier Pre-Amplifier (Black) at  I've seen the Topping A90 amp being mentioned in passing by others but it probably deserves a dedicated thread. I haven't heard it but close  Points for Praise about the TOPPING A90: · No sound distortion at any volume level, making your listening experience the best. · Excellent build quality that will   18 May 2020 Topping has just released a headphone amplifier Topping A90 to match their flagship DAC D90. Here's all of the technical information about it.

Topping a90

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It joins the D90 DAC (which Linus recently reviewed here ) to complete Topping’s flagship headphone range. The Topping A90 is a compact balanced desktop headphone amplifier featuring both XLR and 4.4mm outputs and offering up to 7.6W of power. It is priced at $499.99 Disclaimer: The Topping A90 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at Linsoul for giving us this opportunity.

3 Sep 2020 For outputs, the A90 comes with a 4-pin XLR, a 4.4mm Balanced, and a 6.35mm Single Ended port. The Single-Ended 25V pp with Balanced 49V 

The D90 is a top performing DAC at a midrange price, the A90 adds tons of amplifying power with a neutral yet slightly warm sound. The D90/A90 stack will suffice for 99% of headphones on the market, even the most hard to drive, and sounds superb doing so.

Topping a90

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy TOPPING A90 Headphone Amplifier 4.4mm XLR Desktop HiFi Full Balanced Amplifier Pre-Amplifier (Black) at 

Topping a90

The Topping A90 comes later to the party of leading edge headphone amplifiers. It comes there though with guns blazing producing exceptionally low noise and distortion while providing ample power to drive just about any headphone. It has an elegant enclosure which is of course a match for their excellent D90 DAC. The combination should be beautiful to look at, as much as listen to.

It is priced at $499.99 Disclaimer: The Topping A90 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion.
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Topping has released its highly anticipated Topping A90 Headphone AMP. The Topping A90 is a very powerful headphone AMP that can also work as a pre-amp. It is a companion to their widely famous Topping D90 DAC, and pairs well with it. It is available to order from our store.

A review of the Topping D90 MQA DAC and Topping A90 headphone amp and pre-amp, including comparisons with the Chord Qutest, Denafrips Ares II, Drop THX AAA 7 PC -> Topping D10 -> Topping A90 -> Purifi power amp Now i've had various integrated amps previously including a Yamaha A-S701 and a NAD C368, both used the Topping D10, all used USB and RCA and there was no noise at all.
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Topping A90 Balanced Headphone Amplifier Full balanced + SE headphone output---A90 has three output headphone jacks of 4-pin-XLR,4.4 balanced and 6.35 SE to meet different usages. A90 is provided with a wide range of adaptation to headphones.---The SE 25Vpp / balanced 49Vpp high output voltage along with high output current & less than 0.1 Ohm output impedance,

TOPPING A90 Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier XLR Pre-Amplifier. TOPPING DX7 Pro ES9038Pro DAC & Headphone amp Bluetooth 5.0 32BIT/768kHz DSD1024 Wireless Decoder A90 doesn't have a remote, that is its the biggest problem. Do note that Topping will be releasing a dedicated preamp with a remote in the same line-up, it will be called P90 - I say wait for that one.

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Topping A90 headphone amplifier stacked with D90 MQA DAC Linus eloquently outlined the abilities and characteristics of the D90 with more time and finesse than I have room for here, but let’s just say that when paired together, the digital brains of the D90 added to the analogue brawn and performance of the A90 all combine to make for a

The same material is used on the front and rear fascias, and overall the device feels solid and well-made in the hand. The Topping A90 Headphone Amp is the companion for the highly reviewed Topping D90 DAC. The A90 is an ultra high-performance headphone amp that can also work as a pre-amp.